Diversity and inclusion trainings for businesses

URelles’ diversity and inclusion workshops and training courses are customized to suit the audience. The content is adapted to the issues faced by managers, human resources departments, employees, executive committees, or other professionals wishing to improve their DEI knowledge.

Our goal is to provide information that is:

  • concrete,
  • rooted in your reality,
  • and adapted to your organization’s culture.

Why train in diversity and inclusion?

Over the past few years, social justice movements have become an increasingly important topic of discussion. Corporate diversity and inclusion policies are becoming a must in the workplace. In fact, a survey reveals that 47% of workers would feel more loyal to the company they work for if it took a public stance on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

The DEI shift will be just as important as the technological shift so it’s essential that your organization acts now to create an inclusive corporate culture that attracts and retains a skilled and diverse workforce. This is essential if you are to maintain your leadership role in your industry.

At a time when recruiting a skilled workforce is a challenge for all companies, it’s time to rethink the way you do things so that your job offers reach out to all members of the company, and that once hired, they stay with your organization.

We greatly appreciated URelles’ training on unconscious bias. With a great deal of professionalism and kindness, Chloé was able to support Montreal International in strengthening equity, diversity and inclusion, principles that lie at the heart of its organizational culture and business strategy. In addition to offering customized training based on our organizational reality, we particularly appreciated Chloé’s “post-training” commitment, which took the form of an appreciation survey sent to participants, as well as a feedback discussion with HR on the whole process and next steps. Many thanks!

Éliane Bujold, Montréal International

Learning the foundations of DEI: Enterprise “Inclusion” program

Broadly speaking, DEI is the set of measures, actions, policies and processes designed to help create a healthy, discrimination-free and inclusive workplace for a diverse workforce. DEI aims to enable all employees to be authentic, without having to conform to what they are not.

Learn the basics of equity, diversity and inclusion through a carefully thought-out, yet comprehensive, gradation of learnings:

Training – “DEI 101: The foundations”

The term “DEI” is becoming increasingly well-known in organizations, and is becoming a growing priority for companies aiming for greater diversity and inclusion. This training course introduces the audience to the basics of equity-diversity-inclusion (DEI) as a first step towards an organizational approach.


  • Define the fundamental concepts of DEI
  • Identify the importance of DEI in your professional reality
  • Initiate your reflection in the context of a DEI approach

Audience: All audiences

Approximate duration: 1h30

Training – Unconscious bias: understand and reduce them

Often demonized as the root of all evil, unconscious biases are well known but not always understood. In this training course, we explain how our brains work, identify them through exercises and discover techniques to help reduce their impact.


  • Identify unconscious biases at work
  • Recognize the impact of unconscious biases at work
  • Initiate introspection into our own unconscious biases
  • Identify mitigation strategies

Audience: All audiences

Approximate duration: 2 hours

Prerequisites: DEI 101

Training – “Living together: how to move towards greater empathy”

“We can’t say anything anymore!” Let’s explore together the hidden impact of our actions and words in the world of work in order to move towards a more inclusive culture. This training offers you an introspective experience to better navigate living together in a climate of psychological safety and encourages reflection on situations in which we can act as allies.


  • Recognize different microaggressions
  • Demonstrate benevolent openness towards colleagues
  • Feel better equipped to deal with microaggressions
  • Recognize opportunities for inclusive action
  • Use our critical judgment to adopt an allied posture

Audience: All audiences

Approximate duration: 3h

Prerequisites: DEI 101 and unconscious bias

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Co-constructing together: developing strategies for equity, diversity and inclusion

These training courses and workshops focus on co-construction and take place in an interactive environment, encouraging exchanges and collaboration between participants, in order to develop solutions adapted to their realities. This category is particularly aimed at companies wishing to begin investing in a serious approach to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Creating a DEI committee

The EDI committee can play an important role in a company’s drive towards greater equity, diversity and inclusion. However, it is important that it is built on solid foundations, otherwise it may not reach its full potential. Through this training, decide on the parameters of an EDI committee, understanding its crucial role, as well as developing the best practices necessary for its creation, recruitment and sustainability.


  • Learn the best practices for recruiting, training and maintaining an effective and committed committee over the long term.
  • Understand the role and relevance of an equity, diversity and inclusion committee.
  • Identify common challenges in creating and maintaining an EDI committee.

Audience: All audiences

Approximate duration: 3h

DEI vision workshop

The alignment workshop is a crucial step in establishing a vision of equity, diversity and inclusion that corresponds to each company’s reality. This workshop aims to lay the foundations by establishing the “why” of the approach and deciding on a common vision that will guide the rest of the project. Through discussion and interactive exercises, the workshop will build consensus on key elements such as the company-specific definition of EDI and the shared vision that will serve as a compass to guide future actions.


  • Lay the foundations for the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiative.
  • Establish the “why” behind the initiative.
  • Decide on a common vision that will guide the rest of the project

Audience: All audiences

Approximate duration: 2h-2h30 / Can be split into two workshops

Diversity and inclusion in recruitment and hiring

As human resources professionals, you’re known for your adaptability and empathy. Our team can train you so that you have concrete tools to improve your practices and ensure that your recruitment methods and hiring process are inclusive and diverse.

  • What human resources need to know about equity, diversity and inclusion
  • How to build an inclusive recruitment process
  • How to write an inclusive job posting

Your workforce is one of your organization’s most valuable resources. Learn how to welcome them in the best possible way with the following training:

Training – Recruitment: An inclusive process

The recruitment process can, unbeknownst to us, be made up of biases and barriers that diminish our access to the talent pool. This training course invites you to revisit your recruitment process in order to identify these potential obstacles. This exercise then enables you to adopt more inclusive practices that increase your attractiveness in the eyes of candidates.


  • Reduce barriers to accessing a more diverse talent pool
  • Identify biases that impact the recruitment process
  • Apply more inclusive strategies in the recruitment process

Audience: For people in recruitment positions

Approximate duration: 2 hours

Creating a culture of inclusion in your company

Real change needs to happen at the very level of your corporate culture if it is to be sustainable. By educating yourself about the realities of people of different ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, etc., you are helping to create more inclusion.

Training – Empathic communication

Communication is a difficult art to master. We often think we communicate very well, when in reality, our communication system is limited. In a discussion, each of the protagonists pursues his or her own objectives, interprets situations according to his or her frame of reference and feels different emotions. It’s clear that the potential for misunderstanding is manifold. This training course presents the principles of non-violent communication and enables us to appropriate them in order to aim for more harmonious exchanges with our colleagues.


  • Identify and understand common biases that can influence interpersonal communication.
  • Cultivate a culture of constructive feedback and active listening within the team.
  • Learn techniques to manage conflict constructively and foster harmonious working relationships.

Audience: All audiences

Approximate duration: 1h30 to 2h

Training – Inclusive communication and writing

Is an inclusive text necessarily heavy and painful to read? What if we told you no! This training course offers you the opportunity to develop an enriched and nuanced vision of what more inclusive communication can be. Composed of examples and exercises, this training is intended as a concrete tool for anyone wishing to communicate in a more inclusive way.


  • Understand inclusive writing strategies
  • Apply the most appropriate strategy to their communications
  • Lay the foundations of an inclusive writing guide for their organization

Audience: Anyone who wants to improve their communications

Approximate duration: 2 hours

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Plan your next training course

Training duration varies according to your needs. We offer Lunch and Learn formulas lasting from 1 to 1.5 hours, which fit easily into your work schedule. If you want to go deeper into a subject, we recommend longer training courses and workshops, spread over weekly meetings.

Whether virtual or in-person, each of our workshops is customized to your business. We use concrete examples and realistic scenarios to ensure that participants feel called upon to contribute. It’s all about interactive training! Because learning happens through action, not just theory.

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