Consultation on diversity and inclusion in Quebec

Montréal, Canada URelles is headquartered in Montreal. We’re proud and happy to call it home.

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Our diversity and inclusion consultants are dedicated to helping Quebec organizations create inclusive and equitable cultures in order to position themselves as employers of choice.

As a DEI firm dedicated to Quebec organizations, we offer innovative solutions to help you recruit and retain top talent. We are the only company to specialize in the technology and innovation industry.

We build bridges between employers and their employees through our diversity and inclusion coaching services, and our customized DEI training and workshops.

Adopt fair business practices for all

Equity is synonymous with justice, meaning that people, regardless of their identities, are treated fairly. Our experts are here to analyze your practices and ensure that the mechanisms, rules and processes put in place in your organization are fair to everyone and do not introduce discrimination.

Benefit from the strength of inclusive teams

Inclusion is the result that allows everyone to feel welcome and to be authentic at work, without having to pretend, whether consciously or unconsciously. But be careful! Inclusion is not, however, the automatic result of the presence of diversity.

To deploy the maximum potential of your work teams, your organization must not only welcome diversity, it must value it. The authenticity of each and every member of your organization must be treated as a precious gift to help your business grow.

Our training courses and workshops are tailor-made to address the specific issues facing your organization. We have the expertise to adapt to your reality.

Helping Quebec companies become more diverse and inclusive since 2019

Founded in 2019, our firm has supported more than 100 organizations. Over the past few years, more than 5,000 people have attended our training courses and workshops.

Based in Montreal, URelles works with companies, organizations and cooperatives across Quebec. Contact us to make your workplace a welcoming place for your current and future employees.

Created in 2019

100+ organizations supported

5000+ people trained

Professionals from diverse backgrounds to support you

The humans behind the company

Our team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in technology and healthcare, and knowledge of both academia and industry. These different areas of expertise enable us to create innovative and realistic solutions for your field.

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