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“Chloé is the quick-witted intelligence that catches on quickly, as well as being the professional who listens and proposes solutions.  Above all, she is imbued with the deep conviction that women have a greater role to play and that we have actions to take, old ones to set aside, to open doors wider. It takes us out of our comfort zones to take us all further.”

Julie Garneau

Senior Manager, Bell Communications

“We greatly appreciated our collaboration with the URelles team. Chloé took her time to understand the reality of our business and our journey towards a more inclusive workspace. The final content was of high quality and our team was proud of the result.”

Ivana Markovic


“From the very first exchanges, URelles has demonstrated remarkable attentiveness to our needs and collaboration in guiding us through our DEI process. Their personalized approach won us over and gave us great confidence right from our first meetings. URelles was quick to adapt to the very specific environment of the strategic groupings of Quebec research funds, and showed originality in its suggestions and recommendations.”

Institut Transdisciplinaire d’Information Quantique (INTRIQ)

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