URelles is proud to have participated as an expert in the report on psychological and sexual harassment in the IT sector in Quebec, made by TECHNOcompétences.

Every organization moves at its own pace when it comes to equity, diversity and inclusion (DEI). We offer a range of ways to support your DEI journey, from consultancy on diversity and inclusion strategy and analysis, to the many diversity and inclusion training courses and workshops we offer.

Diversity and inclusion analysis and strategy

We work with organizations to develop and implement sustainable, high-impact equity, diversity and inclusion solutions.

Diversity and inclusion training and workshops

The diversity and inclusion workshops and training courses offered by URelles are customized to suit the audience. Managers, HR departments, employees, executive committees, etc. we adapt the content to the issues raised and the people involved.

Do you have questions about equity, diversity and inclusion? Book a free 30-minute meeting directly in our calendar.