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URelles is proud to have participated as an expert in the report on psychological and sexual harassment in the IT sector in Quebec, made by TECHNOcompétences.

URelles offers innovative diversity, equity and inclusion solutions to help your company attract and retain the best talent in Quebec.

Far from divisive methods, we bring employers and employees closer together through approaches rooted in science. Our methodologies are based on studies that allow us to find sustainable and concrete solutions for your organization.

With you, our talented and experienced team co-creates action plans that speak to all levels of your organization. You know the specifics of your work environment and we know where to start. Together, we create and adapt an effective and challenging roadmap.


Consulting in diversity and inclusion

Your workforce is your most valuable resource. Set yourself apart from your competitors by developing a sustainable action plan for an equitable and inclusive corporate culture.


DEI training and workshops for companies

We tailor our workshops and trainings to provide real solutions to the issues you face. We believe that learning happens through action and participation.

We approach equity, diversity and inclusion as essential business practices. We develop strategies that foster change at the structural level, while empowering individuals to create more inclusive cultures every day.

Want to know more? Send us a message and let’s discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals.

URelles took the time needed to understand our current situation and our needs so as to adapt the workshop to our expectations. We greatly appreciated his objectivity and openness. This workshop enabled us to develop a common DEI language and to reflect on the importance of establishing a strategy. Throughout the workshop, Chloé shared with us a number of tips, warnings and pitfalls to avoid in order to get our strategy off to a good start. We recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to develop their DEI skills.

HR leadership at Port de Montréal

Chloé is the quick-witted intelligence that catches on quickly, as well as being the professional who listens and proposes solutions. Above all, she is imbued with the deep conviction that women have a greater role to play, and that we have actions to take, old habits to set aside, to open doors wider. She leads us out of our comfort zones to take us all further.

Julie Garneau, Senior manager, communications Bell

Expert advice on diversity and inclusion for Quebec businesses

Since 2019, our consulting firm has supported over a hundred companies and organizations in a diversity and inclusion process. Our Greater Montreal-based experts work across Quebec to make your workplace a welcoming place.

The various expertises of our team members allow us to create realistic solutions for your industry.

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