URelles supports and guides businesses toward greater diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity is the best way to accelerate a company’s innovation and productivity. We work with tech companies who have inclusion and employee happiness at heart. From startups to multinationals, we put strategies in place that help organisations become better at developing women’s talent. We advise you and guide you to success in your business objectives.

The issue
There is a serious labour shortage in Quebec

In Q4 2018 there were 117,980 vacant positions in Quebec. Since 2004, the job vacancy rate has doubled in Quebec, jumping from 2% to 3.9% and making it the Canadian province most affected by this phenomenon. It’s SMEs who are suffering the most (Source: CBC/Radio-Canada). Women represent, on average, only 20% of the total tech workforce. We need to get this number up to have the most productive and innovative businesses possible.

What we offer
A custom strategy for your organisational challenges

URelles is a one stop shop for your women employees’ needs. To make your organisation a welcoming place for women, we draw on our unique expertise as well as solid research to develop a custom strategy for your organisation.

Our results
Tech companies where everyone can be themselves

To attract, grow, and retain a diverse talent pool, you have to create a culture that offers each employee what they need to succeed and to bring their whole self to work. Studies show that the more diverse a company is, the more their employees are loyal, happy, and productive. (Source: Ryerson University)

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Training and Workshops

URelles’ training programs center on results and immediate implementation of strategies and actions for a more effective business and happier employees.

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Support and Guidance

At URelles, we’re there to advise and guide you through implementing diversity and inclusion strategies. We each have a role to play and ours is to support you. We’ll walk alongside you for as long as you need. Whether that’s three, six, nine months or more – we are there for you and always ready to answer your questions.

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We know what it’s like and we’ve created a special offer just for you! Write us to learn more.

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Content creation

Do you want to create context targeting women in tech? We can help! We know women in tech like no one else. Set us the challenge of creating a video, writing an article, or recording some audio and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Pourquoi la diversité est bonne pour les affaires

Les entreprises les plus diversifiées en genres sont 15% plus susceptibles d’avoir un rendement financier supérieur à la médiane nationale de leur industrie respective.
Source: McKinsey

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    From SMEs to multinationals, we work with clients who have innovation and business performance, as well as employee wellbeing, at heart.

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