Consulting in diversity and inclusion for businesses

As business leaders or human resources professionals, be at the forefront and stand out from your competitors by adopting DEI practices that are recognized for their positive impact. Backed by scientific data, empathy and diversified experience, our team is here to deploy your company’s full potential.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a great deal of homogeneity across your work teams, despite your goodwill and desire to demonstrate greater diversity and inclusion?

It’s time for that to change.

It’s true that when we talk about DEI issues, we touch on very personal sensitivities, beliefs built up since the first years of our existence and conveyed by our upbringing. URelles can guide you through the process of change.

Our team is here to put in place a concrete action plan adapted to your organization’s reality, and to support you every step of the way to achieve lasting results. We know where to start.

How can you make your business more inclusive?

Using a combination of data-driven analysis and field-tested best practice, we develop tailor-made action plans for SMEs, NPOs and large companies in Quebec.

We have developed an integrated, customized process that is aimed at all members of your teams, from management to employees. The aim is to assess the current situation to understand what’s holding you back, so that you can put in place an inclusive structure to recruit and retain a workforce that represents our society in all its richness.

More than 95% of employers say they will have introduced new equity, diversity and inclusion measures by 2021, but only a quarter of employees think their company has done anything about it.

Lever study

“URelles supported InnoCentre in a process that it was able to tailor to our context and reality. This enabled us to make a real and lasting impact on the issue of diversity in our organization.”

Annouk Bissonnette – Vice-President InnoCentre

A real sense of inclusion for your employees

Our corporate diversity and inclusion consultancy and support service starts by listening to your employees to analyze their sense of inclusion in your organization.

We can then advise you on how to build an inclusive organizational culture, as well as the policies and communications to put in place.

Your employees are your greatest strength. By building a truly inclusive culture in your company, you’ll stand out from the competition and become an attractive place to work.

Customized coaching in equity, diversity and inclusion

Where to start?

Each organization’s context is unique, and so are our solutions.

The average duration of our in-company coaching is 9 to 12 months, and our action plans are spread over 2 to 3 years. Implementing DEI best practices is a long-term process. However, our timelines include recommendations for short-term actions to achieve more immediate results.

We provide a roadmap so you can easily track the progress of your DEI initiative.

We also pass on our expertise through diversity and inclusion training courses and workshops.

“From the very first discussions, URelles has demonstrated a remarkable ability to listen to our needs and work with us to guide us through the DEI process. The personalized approach won us over and gave us great confidence from our very first meetings. URelles was quick to adapt to the very specific environment of the strategic groupings of Quebec research funds, and showed originality in its suggestions and recommendations.”

Institut Transdisciplinaire d’Information Quantique (INTRIQ)

Winning equity, diversity and inclusion strategies for businesses

There are many recognized equity, diversity and inclusion strategies that can be implemented within companies wishing to embark on such an approach. Here are two of our most popular strategies at URelles, tailored to your company’s reality and needs:

Diversity and inclusion self-identification survey

URelles assists companies in developing and revising a questionnaire, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to comply with best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion, while taking intersectionality into account. We collect two types of data:

– self-identification data to establish the company’s representativeness

– data on staff members’ sense of inclusion

Self-identification surveys provide a clear picture of the company’s make-up, and make it possible to measure progress in improving diversity over time. It also helps to target priority areas and issues, define measurable objectives and allocate adequate resources to support diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion workshop

This workshop is based on the strengths and solutions experienced by a company’s employees‧es. During this co-construction workshop, we develop a bank of ideas and solutions with team members so that these correspond to their needs and realities. Through guided steps, we progress as a group towards a vision and concrete proposals. This interactive and positive approach enables people to take part in change, so that it is meaningful and aligned with what the company’s teams are really experiencing.

Approximate duration: 2h

consultant EDI

Non-judgmental analysis of business practices

Our team takes an open and empathetic approach to analyzing your current practices. The aim is to assess where you stand in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion.

In discussion with you, we target realistic objectives and prioritize the actions to be implemented.

Would you like support in your equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives? Our team is at your disposal!